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Welcome to Poornimas Panchakarma Equipments

Poornimas Panchakarma Equipments is the top and best supplier of Ayurveda hospital equipments and Panchakarma instruments. We have been active in manufacturing and exporting of all kinds of equipment for Ayurvedic hospitals and Panchakarma centers since 2009. We are proud to tell you that we have some of the biggest clients spread all across India and outside India.  We’ve been providing them efficient services. We supply our products mainly in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, U.P. and export to Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Muscat, Kuwait, Australia, Switzerland, UK, Japan and China.

About Products

We are manufacturing all types of Panchakarma equipments like Droni (Dharapathy), Steambath, Stainless steel boiler, Semi auto electric boiler, Fully auto electric boiler, Nalee Swedana yantra, Massage tables, Dharastand, Droni stand, etc for Ayurveda hospitals, colleges, panchakarma centers, resorts and spa massaging centers. We are using medicinal woods such as Anjili, Neem(Veppu), Kanjiram (Nuxvomica) and Venga as mentioned in Ayurvedic classics for manufacturing wooden items , ISO certified fibre glass material for FRP items , Best quality stainless steel and other superior grade steels for steel items and excellent quality brass, bronze and copper for other accessories. We supply all types of Panchakarma equipments at low and reasonable price.

Now we are developing equipments of new designs and further R & D works are going on here for practicing panchakarma in easy way by reducing the labor pain and enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the panchakarma therapy. The company also settles enquiries on setting up of panchakarma units to its clients. We are always eager to deliver our best services to our clients.

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